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Festive Holiday Party

Getting together with friends and family is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. For some, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without an elaborate, multi-course dinner, complete with the good china, the crystal and the champagne. But you can make your guests feel welcome without spending a fortune. Party central. Well-placed decorations define the focal point of your gathering, whether it’s the bar or the kitchen table. Seasonal paper napkins. Even for a casual event, paper napkins printed with seasonal sayings such as “Merry Christmas” or “Cheers!” can add a festive touch. Use what you have! Don’t be afraid to break out the crystal for a casual party, says designer Paige Dick. It makes your guests feel special, and you don’t have to buy plastic. Borrow what you don’t! You may not have a punch bowl, but one of your friends might. A signature drink or holiday punch can be a great conversation starter. This punch bowl takes center stage along with decorative LED lights, mirrors and sparkling glassware. “A big part of any holiday décor is fresh garlands. So much of creating that environment is the smell of the holiday.” For Any Holiday Party: Use lighting to set the mood. Bring in greenery, pine cones and other natural items. Ring in the bling! Add sparkle wherever you can, and don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold.

Holiday Party Tips from a Pro